About Us

Brock Meyer and Michele Meyer  - Meyer Cattle - Curryville, Missouri

Meyer Cattle Company was founded by Brock Meyer back in 1996. Today the operation is run by Brock, his wife, Michele, and daughter Lexi.

Brock grew up in Bowling Green and worked alongside his dad on their commercial cow and calf operation. While Brock was also beginning his herd of registered Angus cattle, he helped his dad on Meyer Farms with their 400 head cow and calf operation where 100% of those calves are retained through the Meyer Farms feedlot and are sold on the rail.

Brock spent a great deal of his young adult life traveling and dressing and clipping show cattle and worked for many elite programs that has helped shape Meyer Cattle Company. He will always tell you that he feels like he took the best of so many greats and tries to apply them here at Meyer Cattle. Folks from the U.S. like Lance Sennett, John Keffer, Christy Collins, Kris Black, Express Ranches, Doug Satree, and Johnathan Thomason of Canada were large influences on Brock, just to name a few.

Brock and Michele were married in September 2017. Michele grew up on a small commercial cow-calf operation in southern Missouri. Michele’s family also raised Shorthorn Cattle and raised the National Champion Shorthorn bull in 2007. A teacher at heart, Michele taught high school Agriculture for 10 years before changing careers and joining Monsanto as a seed sales representative selling US National Brands DEKALB and Asgrow. Michele is very involved in the farm working alongside Brock with their cattle and helping with Meyer Farms cattle.

Their daughter Lexi is also very active on the farm. Her heart is in the cattle and helps with daily chores and responsibilities along with owning her own registered Angus and a select few shorthorn cows. She and her mom convinced brock this was a deal breaker so they could both have their “Shorthorn fix”. Lexi was proud to exhibit the champion shorthorn female at the Missouri State Fair open show when she was only 7. “Cumberland” roams the pastures with the other angus cattle.

After their marriage in 2017, Brock and Michele acquired the “San Angelo Ranch” in Eolia, Missouri that one was home to the famous Rose Brook Limousin Ranch. This was another cattle firm that Brock grew up helping and watching their success. Now, Brock and Michele own the property where that ranch began.