Welcome to Meyer Cattle Company, located just west of the Mississippi River in Curryville, Missouri. Our mission is to produce quality registered Angus genetics that will perform for both commercial cattlemen and purebred operations. For us, balance is key - we select and breed for real world Angus cattle that perform in the pasture, but still possess the same eye-appeal you would see in the show ring.

Every spring, we host our annual “Performance in the Pasture” Angus Bull Sale which features hand-selected commercial Angus bulls that have all the traits we feel will make a successful breeding piece. We know commercial cattlemen are paid by the pound, and we make sure all of our registered Angus Bulls are backed by performance and data, in order to improve your herd. In addition to our annual sale, we also participate in the annual Missouri Angus Futurity and Mississippi Valley Angus Sale - so mark your calendars for those events, if you would like to purchase your own Meyer Cattle genetics.

We invite you to browse our website, learn a little more about us and our breeding philosophies, and check out our upcoming sales. If you have any questions, or would like more information about our cattle, please contact us.

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