Cattle Program

Located just west of the Mississippi River in Northeast Missouri town of Curryville. Brock Meyer founded the operation in 1996 to produce quality registered Angus genetics that will work for the both the commercial and purebred cattleman. Since the 1980’s the Meyer family has operated a commercial cattle herd and feedlot. Growing up around cattle that had to perform on the pasture and through the feedlot influences the type of cattle that we raise today. Consequently, we know the value of maternal traits and how they affect the longevity of the animal in the herd. Likewise, we understand the value of carcass and growth traits.

We host an annual bull sale in April. Our “Performance in the Pasture” Bull Sale offers the commercial cattleman bulls that possess the traits that we feel will make a successful breeding piece. Some of those traits include:

  • Efficient converters of feedstuffs to pounds that will gain on a high roughage diet.
  • High volume, practical cattle that are sound on their feet and legs.
  • Stout, modern sized bulls with above average scrotal circumferences.
  • BALANCED EPD’s. Single trait selecting can run you into trouble. For example, the bull with the highest CED isn’t always the BEST bull, because his progeny most likely will sacrifice growth at weighing periods and vigor after birth.

Some of the Meyer Cattle Company philosophies behind our program:

  • Just like many youth growing up on their family farm, we showed cattle and still do. We have enjoyed the friendships made and competition in the show ring over the years, but we are NOT FOCUSED on show cattle. We know commercial cattlemen are paid by the pound. Therefore, we select and breed for real world cattle, which still have the look desired by the showring. We feel that balance is the key.
  • We believe in the power of the matron. Maternal cows that excel in mothering ability, volume, and soundness are the kind that roam our pastures and pay our bills. Every great bull has a great female behind him.
  • The herd sire represents ½ of the total calf crop. His job is a great one, as he is the significant contributor to profit or loss in your herd. When selecting a herd bull, we try to select the bull that will provide the traits that our markets are searching for.
  • We strive to produce cattle that are phenotypically and genotypically balanced. We see great value in performance data; however, we feel that those great numbers are only as good as the cattle look and physically perform.

Watch for our annual consignments to the Missouri Angus Futurity and the Mississippi Valley Angus Sale, in addition to our own “Performance in the Pasture” sale, to select your own Meyer Cattle genetics.

In 2014, we expanded our operation to include row crop and hay production. While, much of this is to feed the growing herd, we enjoy all facets of agriculture. We particularly enjoy the technology involved in row crops and use it frequently and believe that to be necessary to feed a growing population. Check out our row crop page for some of the latest news and developments on the row crop side!